Bee bread with Vitamin C 50 tablets

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  • Weight :50 tablets.

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AlBeeNa's natural bee bread in the form of chewable tablets is a top quality apitherapeutic product. It is essential for general health, with bee bread having an addition of vitamin C that stimulates the immune system.
The chewable tablets with bee bread and vitamin C are made to be taken easily and absorbed quickly by the body. These are ideal for busy people and for people who travel a lot - the tablet bee bread is comfortable to carry thanks to practical packaging, so you can always keep it at reach and consume it easily.

The product is a food supplement and should not replace a balanced and varied diet. Does not contain traces of pesticides, antibiotics, wax, mould spores or other impurities.

What ingredients does it contain?
1 chewable tablet contains: bee bread - 485 mg, vitamin C - 15 mg, sweetener - glucose, anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids.

Presentation: box with 50 chewable tablets.

How is it taken?
Adults - 2-3 tablets per day, between meals.
Children over 3 years old - 1-3 tablets a day, between meals.

Not recommended for people who are allergic / hypersensitive to bee products. Caution is advised for pregnant women and for those who are breast-feeding. Store bee bread with vitamin C chewable tablets at room temperature in dry and dark places.


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