Propolis is known and respected for its countless benefits. Collected by honey bees from tree buds, bees then use propolis to help build their hives. Using its properties, the propolis helps to fill gaps in hives and even fix and coat honeycombs. In addition, the propolis also works to disinfect, protecting against bacteria. These benefits are carried across into positives for the human body, giving similar defences for the skin and being used in beauty treatments.

While propolis’ benefits have been understood for a long time, there is still continuous research being done to fully understand the range of ways it can be used for health and beauty.

Using propolis: A history

Propolis began being used as early as 350 BC. Ancient Greeks used propolis for the treatment of wounds, infections and skin injuries. Propolis quickly became known for its preserving abilities and effective skin treatments and has been used since.


Many of the world’s most notable beauty influencers and content creators have spoken about the uses and incredible benefits of propolis. This has led to propolis becoming more popular than ever before with magazines, websites and television programmes speaking about its properties and the health benefits it brings. Its popularity continues to grow, with the number of people using propolis rapidly increasing as more hear about the natural product’s incredible effects.

Many people have become increasingly interested in using all-natural products, particularly ones which can be created without the harming of animals, or the use of chemicals. The increasing demand for these products has also resulted in more people showing an interest in propolis, replacing products they previously used with the environmentally friendly alternative.

Skin treatments

As an alternative to often harsh chemicals used to treat skin conditions or smooth the skin, propolis has proven itself as a valuable product.

Propolis has many benefits, often being used in beauty treatments to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. Naturally restoring and maintaining skin structure, propolis is able to heal and reduce the risk of infection because of its antiseptic abilities.

Propolis can also work as an anti-inflammatory, boosting collagen levels and reducing any swelling symptoms.

Problematic skin can be soothed through the use of propolis, making cell growth and regeneration faster and unblocking the skins pores, working as an antioxidant. Full of minerals, propolis can easily help to replenish and refresh the skin.

In terms of the texture of the skin, propolis is able to keep dry or dehydrated skin nourished, preventing flaky or sore skin. Propolis has become a popular method of looking after the skin instead of using harsh acids or chemicals to exfoliate, instead helping to have youthful, soft and healthy skin. Because of this, the skin can seem much brighter and clearer with gradual and effective improvements, moisturizing without needing to strip or damage the skin.

For those with existing conditions, propolis can help to prevent and calm skin reactions, soothing at the same time. Propolis has been proven to reduce pigmentation, stopping the skin condition and discolouration being as clear. In addition, redness caused by inflammation or other conditions are also shown to have marked improvements when propolis is applied. The application of propolis on the skin can help to improve circulation. Those with sensitive skin can benefit enormously from the benefits of using propolis, reducing the effects of reactions and helping to heal.

Two conditions where people using propolis have reported a particular improvement are eczema and psoriasis, with noticeable and fast-acting results when treated using propolis.

For conditions including acne, its anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits are particularly useful, helping to fight the appearance of the condition. Within the 300 active compounds in propolis, two are called Hydroquinone and Caffeic Acid, two major parts of commonly found acne medication.

Propolis also has great healing effects, working to speed up the recovery of any wounds and injuries.

Beauty treatments

With all the benefits previously mentioned, propolis is mainly used within the world of beauty to keep a smooth and clear complexion, helping to maintain flawless skin.

The effects of aging on the skin are reduced by the use of propolis, reducing any inflammation, as well as hiding the appearance of any skin damage and previous scars due to its wound-healing properties. Another benefit is its smoothing effect on stretch marks, helping to reduce the visibility of them through applying to the body on the required areas.

Propolis can help to maintain the skin’s oil production, keeping the skin hydrated and preventing breakouts before they happen. As mentioned previously, there are many benefits of using propolis, all of which can apply to beauty routines, keeping skin clear and fresh feeling all year round.

There are countless products available which tap into bees’ propolis, with masks, lotions, lip balms, creams and more available to use.

Preventing future damage

In terms of protecting the skin, propolis has unique benefits which can prevent future damage.

Antioxidant protection protects the skin from environmental factors such as pollution, sunlight and radiation. Because of its protective properties, it can help to reduce the risk of sunburn, keeping skin healthy with its antioxidant protection.

Maintaining healthy skin also helps to speed up recovery from any injuries or damage which may occur, keeping it hydrated and reducing the risk of damage in the future.

Future research

Propolis is currently being looked into as a potential treatment for the treatment of skin cancer, helping to reduce symptoms. It is believed that propolis could hold the answer to preventing skin cancer amongst other conditions, with it already proving successful in protecting the skin from radiation such as the sun’s UV rays.

It is clear that propolis holds many benefits for health and beauty, becoming a must-have at home, caring for the skin on a regular basis and also helping to heal the skin and prevent breakouts of existing skin conditions, as well as stopping signs of early aging.

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