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Pure royal jelly from AlBeeNA is a 100% natural bee product with a guaranteed 2% 10-HDA concentration. Complex hyper-food and the only known source of 10-HDA acid, it is an active substance with benefits.
The special benefits of pure AlBeeNa royal jelly are due to the high amount of 10-HDA acid, the main ingredient in this high-quality beekeeping product. The raw AlBeeNa royal jelly is supplied in its fresh state, as the hive offers, without it being changed.

What are the properties of raw royal jelly with 2% 10-HDA?
Pure royal jelly is a supplement with nutrients, and one of the most valuable beekeeping products. It contains many vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed by the body and cannot be made by it, such as 10-HDA. An important nutrient in royal jelly is the 10-HDA active substance, with many benefits.

The guaranteed 2% 10-HDA quantity guarantees the quality of the royal jelly and its therapeutic effectiveness. The body absorbs this easily.

Detailed chemical composition:
10-HDA - 2%
Protein - 14.7%
Lipids - 2.7%
Glucose - 5.4%
Fructose - 5.8%
Sucrose - 1.3%
Vitamins - B1, B2, B6, B12, C
Minerals - Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese
Ash - 1%
Water - 66.4%
PH - 4.2

What ingredients does it contain?
100% raw royal jelly with 2% 10-HDA acid. Does not contain traces of pesticides, antibiotics, wax, mould spores or other impurities.

Available in two doses: 50g or 100g.

AlBeeNa's 2% 10-HDA raw royal jelly is delivered in isothermal boxes that keep the temperature of the product the same throughout shipping so you receive it in the best conditions with the same benefits.
The package includes a teaspoon for easy measurement and dosage of royal jelly and a leaflet with details of pure royal jelly with 2% 10-HDA.

How is it administered?
Royal jelly can be used daily, internally or externally.
The recommended maintenance dose is 1g / day for adults and 0.5g / day for children in 6-8 weeks of treatment. For exhaustion, the dose may go up to 2-3 g / day or more.
Consult a professional with apiphytotherapy knowledge to understand required doses.

Not suitable for people who are allergic / hypersensitive to beekeeping products or who are intolerant to royal jelly, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, people suffering from asthma, Addison's disease or acute phase cancer.

How to Store?
Store the royal jelly in the refrigerator at temperatures between 2-6 degrees Celsius.


Customer Reviews

Great energy source, relieves symptoms of depression and chronic fatigue. It also has good results for people aged 80 who suffer from depression, Parkinson's disease, hypertension.
10.06.2019 15:21, Olivia
Albeena is the best company. I'm absolutely satisfied. 5* highly recommended. Best communication and they solved my small issue very quickly. The Fresh royal jelly is really good. Now I'm using it few weeks ago and I feel good and taking all the benefits. Thank you and I definitely will be your customer in the future
19.09.2020 11:43, Agnes
I was looking for fresh royal jelly for a long time from a trusted sources. I found Albeena and I am very happy and satisfied with their product and their service.
04.11.2020 14:48, Maria
The delivery was fast, the prodact is exellent. I'll buy in the future.
07.11.2020 18:47, Szilvia Hegedus

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